We Have A Corporate Wellness Program Your Employees Will Love!

We Have the RIGHT Wellness Program For Your Company!

You depend on your employees to keep your business running smoothly, but when an employee becomes ill, it costs your company time and money. An ounce of prevention is the best way to keep employees healthy and happy.  However, each employee is unique in their health needs. While some employees may only need a little extra encouragement and a good health program to follow, others may need to lose weight or help with an existing health problem. As an employer, you should only pay for the services your employees need, not for services that will go to waste.

Nutrition Factors

An Affordable Wellness Program!

Healthcare costs are high enough and your wellness program shouldn’t cost you an additional arm and leg. Nutrition Factors offers a comprehensive wellness platform at a reasonable price. Businesses can get started with our all-in-one, Nutrition Factors Wellness Platform for less than the average annual expense of the absenteeism cost for 1-2 employees.

How can Nutrition Factors offer a wellness platform at a fraction of the cost?

Nutrition Factors currently runs as an innovative, back-end support system for Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers. Referrals from employees requesting a health coach are passed onto one of our independent health coaches. These referrals are an important part of our pipeline. Referrals connect a qualified health coach to a client. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

We work with independent Health Coaches from a variety of healthcare professions. Working with independent contractors helps us keep the cost down, as coaches are accessed on an “as needed basis”. We provide the program, the coach does the personalized coaching.

We have our own product lines where we make additional money. The sales of our signature lines, offset the cost of our wellness program, thus letting us pass on the saving to our corporate members.

All of our content and features are automated for user convenience, thus reducing overhead costs.

The Cost of Illness to an Employer

Time is Money, and lost time due to sickness can be costly to an employer.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that “productivity loss linked to absenteeism costs employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee for year. The known culprits are chronic disease, fatigue, aging workforce, obesity, stress and depression, of which all affect the employer’s revenue.”

Easy To Use Tools For Your Business

Set your employees up for success in their jobs and wellness with all the Nutrition Factors tools they’ll need to stay engaged in a wellness program

Benefits of Working with Nutrition Factors

We share your concern for the growing cost of Healthcare. Prevention is the best way to keep costs down and employees on the job. We’re passionate about providing preventive health care in affordable and practical ways. By partnering with Nutrition Factors for your Employee Wellness Program your employees will receive expert wellness education and the tools they need to stay engaged.

If they need additional help getting their health back on track, they can connect with an affiliate health coach and get the help they need, when they need it. You as an employer, can be a bridge to getting your employees the help they need in the privacy of their home and on their own time, instead of on company time. It a win-win situation for the employer and the employee.

Features and Services

Connect And Engage:


Blog Posts

Weekly Lifestyle Newsletters

Educational Videos

Health Tips

Motivational Challenges

Healthy Living Tools:

Recipe Database

7 Day Menu Planner

Shopping List

Weekly Meal Plans from a Dietitian

Kitchen Makeover Guide

Healthy Product Store

Educational Database:

Nutrition Factors Library with over 1,000 pages to explore

Cutting Edge Content

Educational, relevant Newsletter

Meal Prep Guide

Health Coaching:

Onsite or Online Coaching from a Dietitian, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer

HIPAA Compliant Form Transfer

Goal Setting

Nutrition and Wellness Assessments

Weight Control:


Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss

Seamless and secure data sharing and communication across organization

Group calendar views for easy scheduling

Premium customizations and fully white-labeled solutions available

Fitness App And Activity Tracker:

Virtual Personal Trainer

Over 2000 exercises

Integrates with Activity Tracker Wearable and Body Composition Monitor

Food Tracker

Getting Started

Getting your employees started with Nutrition Factors is easy. First, start by choosing a membership that best meets your employee’s needs. If you opt in for the Free account, all you need to do is supply the email address-www.nutritionfactors.com to your employees.

However, to make your employee’s experience customized, sign up for one of our personalized memberships and receive your own business web portal with additional features and services. Employees sign up and enter through your business web portal-example (nutritionfactors.com/yourcompanyname).

Benefits of Having a Nutrition Factors Business Account

1. Personalized business web portal

2. Employers can access a list of employees that are participating

3. Additional features and services

4. Discounts on products and services for employees

5. Access to affiliate Health Coaches at a discount

6. Tax write off


Free-Get Started Basic Plan

Employees can create a FREE account at www.nutritionfactors.com Accounts are not connected to an employer account.

Free Account includes-
Grid Diet, Recipes, Nutrition Library and Newletter

Corporate Membership

Package includes-

Personalized Corporate Webportal

PERSONAL Account For Each Employee

Revipe Database

Learning Library

Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Menu Plans From a Dietitian

Access To Coach On Demand at a Discount

Discounts On Products And Services


Additional services can be added in individually to your corporate plan

Everything in the Free and Membership Plus Account Plus
Total Weight Loss Program
Our Comprehensive Step By Step Guide To Weight Loss
This membership package includes our comprehensive weight loss program that has been developed by our medically trained Dietitians

Coach On Demand

Connect With A Health Coach

If your employees need extra help from a Dietitian, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer, they can connect via a secure online-telehealth platform form the comfort of their home.

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