Become a Nutrition Factors’ Affiliate and Earn High Commissions

Become a Nutrition Factors’ Affiliate and Earn High Commissions

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Earn High Commissions

Become a Nutrition Factors’ Strategic Partner and Earn Top Commissions While Growing Your Business. Our Affiliates Earn HIgh Commissions on Three (3) Levels for purchased Products, Services, Referrals and Corporate Accounts. This means you get paid when someone purchases a product or service from your custom link on your blog or when someone purchases a product or service from a fellow blogger’s site that you referred to our affiliate program. Getting started is easy, sign up below for our affiliate program and place our banners on your blog and start earning BIG commissions.

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Partnership Has Its Rewards!

You’ve found your passion sharing your ideas and connecting to your readers, but now you need to be compensated for all that hard work. Nutrition Factors offers a rewarding compensation program for bloggers who place our banner ads on their website, blog or social media. While most other affiliate programs pay 5-10%, Nutrition Factors pays up to 30% to our loyal affiliate partners.

Receive Big Commissions

Earn Up to 30% Commission on Services and Products

Earn Referral Commissions

Refer Other Bloggers-Earn Ongoing $$$ on Their Sales

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Benefits For Bloggers

What makes our program outstanding is its flexibility and full-service tool offerings, along with our partnerships with qualified Health Coaches. Unlike most fad diets and health programs that don’t work, the Nutrition Factors System is based on lifestyle changes that cites science backed nutrition principles and tools that deliver long lasting results. What does this mean for you as a blogger? It means you can earn big commissions while feeling comfortable selling a sound and credible program that works. Nutrition Factors is positioning itself to be a top contender in the Health and Wellness Industry and now you can join the journey and share in the profits.

Products and Services for Our Affiliate Program

Below you will find an overview of the memberships and products that we pay commissions on. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to our banner ads. Just select the banner with the membership or product that you’d like to promote and place it on your blog, website and social media. Once a sale has been made, you get paid.

Weight Loss Program & Memberships

Free Membership With Grid Diet- When one of your followers signs up for a free account from your blog, they are tagged to your unique affiliate number. You’ll earn a commission once they purchases a product or upgrade their membership. Free accounts do pay off!

Membership Plus- When one of your readers purchases our Complete Lifestyle, whey protein powder on a monthly subscription they’ll receive our tasty protein powder on a monthly basis PLUS gain access to- The GRID DIET, vast recipe database, nutrition library, menu plans from a dietitian and Grid Gym app with over 2,000 exercises

Full Access Membership- This membership includes everything in the Membership Plus account and our comprehensive Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss. This membership plan is the real deal when it comes to losing weight and winning the fight of the obesity epidemic

Complete Lifestyle Whey Protein Powder- Includes a free account to the our exclusive GRID DIET and recipe and menu planner. Not only does the customer receive a high quality protein powder, they get an easy to use diet plan- The GRID DIET that makes proper nutrition practical along with a full-week, menu planner

Activity Tracker and Body Composition Monitor- Earn commissions on wearables. The Nutrition Factors Lifestyle program integrates with the latest wearables that tracks; steps, distance, calories burned, sleep time and monitors; weight, body mass %, BMI, body water % and bone mass %. Wearables connect to the NF Grid Gym APP with over 2,000 exercises

NF Virtua Gym APP- With over 2,000 exercises. Our GRID GYM APP communicates with wearables and your mobile device and connects your Health Coach

Healthy Product Store- Our members have access to special product discounts that are only offered through our email mailing list. You earn, when the customers you signed up purchases a product


New Health Coach Package- When a new coach purchases a Nutrition Factors Health Coach Portal, you earn big

Client Purchases- Earn commissions on Health Coach’s clients’ purchases. Since we pay a three tier commission, you can earn from our Health Coaches’ efforts, if the new Health Coach signed from you blog. Now that’s a good affiliate program.

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporation Wellness Platform- Earn a commission off the sales of a corporate wellness membership, when a business signs up from your blog

We are excited to work with you while you grow

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